About Us

Company Introduction

Fusion Medic Sdn Bhd is a medical device company based in Kuching, Sarawak since 2013. Our main customer portfolio is: Government and Private Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies in Sarawak. The operations of the company consolidate the marketing, distribution, technical support and maintenance of medical devices; equipment and disposables. We strive for professional excellence and are committed to proficiency, reliability and flexibility in all aspects of our business.


As a medical device company, we embrace the changing healthcare environment and seek to identify and explore opportunities as they emerge. With the best patient care always in mind, we insist on the utmost in quality of products, character of employees, and relationships with customers and colleagues


To improve continually our agency lines to provide excellent services to meet our customers’ needs. We strive to provide innovative solutions to adapt to growing customer needs.

Values & Strengths

Our people have a strong desire to do the “right thing” and to deliver the promises that we make. We maintain very high levels of innovation, knowledge & technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work.