Bauerfeind Medical

GenuTrain Knee Brace

Genutrain specification picture

01 New! Donning and Doffing Stays: Made of flexible polyurethane material, 4x more durable than previous GenuTrain

02 New! Train Knit: 20% lighter and more breathable, providing better comfort and compliance

03 Extra Comfort Zone: Softer, more breathable knit in the sensitive popliteal area

04 New! Omega+ Pad: Patented pain-relieving pad encases the kneecap and provides targeted massage

05 Meniscus Wings: Provide targeted massage and pain relief to the joint space

06 Hoffa Pads: Stimulate the infrapatellar fat pad to promote the body’s natural healing mechanism

Malleoloc L

> Stabilizes at the outside of the ankle after injuries and in the event of ligament weakness

> Ensures secure support in the shoe during everyday activities

> Slim fit for sports and business shoes

> The foot’s natural heel-to-toe movement is not impaired