Mercury Medical is a manufacturer of quality Airway Management Devices also specializing in anesthesia, emergency and critical care products.

Neo-Tee Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

First and Only Disposable Infant T- Piece Resuscitator


Undoubtedly and industry first, Neo –Tee is the only disposable T-Piece device on the market today that allows consistent PIP & PEEP and offers a built – in monitor “on the Tee” for convenient, in-line viewing of delivered airway pressure.


The In-Line Controller allows clinicians to change airway pressure close to the patient.


A better, more consistent way to deliver positive pressure ventilation and PEEP to your infant patients with convenient in line viewing and reliable easy – to – read airway pressure dial.

Masked Laryngeal Airways

The next generation supralaryngeal airway.
Develiped and designed by an anaesthesiologist following 8 years of clinical research…for use with Confidence! The design has evolved into a superior airway providing:

  • Six Sizes
  • Ease of placement
  • Better Seal in “Everyday” Use
  • Improved Intubation Success

CPR-2 BVM Bags

Positive Pressure Ventilation and Self-inflating Bags
In the long run, Mercury Medical offers you the most comprehensive resuscitation systems designed to manage health care costs more efficiently.

  • Fills spontaneously after they are squeezed, pulling oxygen or air in to the bag
  • Remains inflated at all times
  • Can deliver positive pressure ventilation without a compressed gas source
  • Requires attachment of an oxygen reservoir to deliver 90% – 100% oxygen