Molnlycke contribute to advancing performance by sharing knowledge about specialist clinical areas and by helping to shape healthcare policies and protocols to raise standards of care worldwide.


In advanced wound care, we stand out as the company that invented Safetac® technology – a silicone adhesive layer that enables dressings to be removed with less pain and without damaging the skin. Our wound dressings with Safetac – such as Mepilex® and Mepitel® – forever changed how wounds are treated.


Over the years we’ve continually engaged with clinicians and patients. They’ve answered many questions. And we’ve learned a lot from this collaboration. It has helped us better understand what’s needed to improve the standard of care.


This continual learning is the cornerstone of our evolving designs in foam and fibre dressings – including antimicrobial solutions – plus wound contact layers and alginates.


We understand how to better manage the many different exudes and fluid scenarios. Reducing the risk of infections is important to us. We value improving patient comfort with less pain.


Every day we aim to develop wound management solutions that enable clinicians to perform at their best.


Talking to healthcare professionals and patients has taught us the importance of having the right solution for each treatment scenario. Every wound is different – from the common to the complex. Over decades, we’ve developed different materials and solutions to manage all types of wounds.


During this time we’ve kept expanding our range of conventional wound care solutions. We provide island dressings and films, as well as fixation, dermatology and compression products, plus swabs and wipes.


Every day we strive to innovate better solutions for all types of wounds – so when a patient needs care, their clinician can trust us. We want to provide what’s needed to help the body start healing